MATO, transforming everyday objects through design.

MATO revisits familiar household objects to improve their design and functionality. Our products seek to enhance the experience of daily rituals and create new enjoyment in the modern home. 

Design by Peter Strzebniok

MOCU coffee cup

Passionate about coffee, MATO pondered the notion of enjoying a fresh brew as one would a glass of wine.

Drawing on wine glass geometry, with its wide bowl and tapered aroma collector, MATO has taken what wine lovers have long known and applied it to coffee, to create the first cup design with serious coffee appreciation in mind.

The roast, the aroma... a big part of the coffee experience takes place before the cup even touches your lips and, like wine, it's all in the nose. Any wine lover knows that the shape of the glass influences the enjoyment of wine. At MATO, we wanted to revitalize our enjoyment of coffee in the same way, so we designed the MOCU coffee cup.


MOCU's unique design brings a more sophisticated appreciation to your coffee break.