MOCU, taking your coffee experience to a new level.

MOCU coffee cup

The MOCU cup has been specially designed to enhance the way you enjoy your coffee. With its unique, funneled shape, the MOCU cup directs the aroma to your nose to draw in the distinct flavors of your chosen roast.

Made of thick ceramic stoneware, the MOCU cup keeps your coffee hot for longer. Its fine glaze gives a smooth feel to each mouthful. MOCU comes in a simple, attractive color palette that will complement any modern home.

The MOCU cup is part of the MOCU coffee line, a modular coffee serving set that offers a unique customizable coffee experience.


MOCU product info

Convenient stackable design.

Available in matte white, grey or black glaze.

350 ml max volume. Fill half-way to take advantage of the unique MOCU cup geometry to enhance your tasting experience.

Outer glaze for easy cleaning.